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Oven Cleaning Process

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Our oven cleaning operative will take the doors off your oven, then remove all the shelves brackets and backplate over the fan. All these items are then placed in a Dip Tank which is located within the operatives van.

Your oven will then be cleaned using an odour free material. When this work is complete the operative will proceed to clean all the shelves and brackets; once again in the van.

Once all your oven parts are clean, the operative will reassemble the oven, leaving it in pristine condition. The oven can be used straight away after cleaning. All the chemicals we use are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and have no smell.

cooker cleaning
cooker cleaning operative

The cleaning process takes up to one and a half hours for a single or double oven, and up to three hours for a range cooker. We have male and female operatives. If you have a preference please ask.